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      Estate agents

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      Estate agents

      Who we are

      At Allenby, we have a dedicated team of accountants serving as financial advisors for estate agents. We serve to identify and record several aspects of the estate business as well as provide analysis which helps you double your investment while effectively building your brand.

      What we do

      As an estate agent/firm, a major part of what you do is handling money(mostly others’) and that combined with the efforts required to efficiently run or let out another person’s estate, errors will be frequent.This where we come in with minute bookkeeping and financial reports to avoid non-compliance with norms.

      We will also put in efforts towards assessing and managing the risk as well as the skills of the negotiators you’ve hired. Our financial consultations will help you run your business without hurdles.

      How it works

      Our accountants for estate agents offer specific solutions for your corporate firm or personal transactions; we have a dual outlook on cash transactions done by your firm as well as the management of the secondary client’s cash flow.

      Further we provide the following services-

      1. Review of the firm’s activities and main areas of risk
      2. Ensuring compliance of accounting standards as well as precise bookkeeping
      3. Audits and Taxations
      4. Performance review of hired negotiators
      5. Assessing credentials and credit worth of firm’s clients
      6. Review of financial performance and verifying scope for fund expansion
      7. Long term strategic planning including partnership changes
      8. Client money assurance reports and records to NAEA,RICS.

      Further, we also help you regulate payroll etc.

      Why choose us

      Our firm believes in an professional yet warm approach towards our clients. We intend to be able to help you maximize your investment in multi-folds while earning good feedback for ourselves.

      For this, we are willing to extend our resources and enable those who invest time and money in us, branch out. Our specialized accountants for estate agents do so by managing your funds and analyzing your performance, so as to suggest a better business plan.

      IF you feel your firm requires these services to produce a dynamism in your firm; or you need an opinion on any estate related business, then please contact us for a free initial meeting.

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