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      How we can Support You

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      How we can Support You

      A summary of everything we do…


      Understanding your business, your objectives and your personality

      We dig deep to not only understand your business, but also your objectives and your personality. That’s what our clients like. They feel comfortable in phoning us to get advice on anything about their business. At the end of the day, It’s not just about finances, but about people.

      We communicate with our clients in an informal way, making the information as simple, digestible and non-technical as possible.

      For our clients, we are their financial partner for life, with intimate knowledge of not only how they're going to finance their next forklift, but also how they're going to finance their daughter's college education.


      Planning to achieve your objectives

      Business environment can be challenging and unpredictable but none of the business challenges is unsurmountable.

      The key here is look into the future and plan today. We create a rolling business plan which is updated every 1 year and is associated with detailed cashflow and profit forecasts.

      We are committed to make the business of our clients a success. Our focus is to achieve the financial freedom which is so important in everyone’s life.


      Strategy to achieve your objectives

      We formulate strategy to counter various challenges facing your business. With our experience, we make sure you stay ahead of the curve and continue to enjoy greater returns.

      Strategies could include anything from getting finance through Government’s Enterprise Finance Guarantee to exporting in an overseas market. Every strategy we plan depends upon your business, business environment and ultimate objective.


      Measuring progress and taking corrective actions

      Measuring actual progress versus predicted progress helps to keep you honest. Are you hitting the targets you set?

      Every Pound counts for business owners, so if you don't know where you stand on a monthly basis, you may not be around at the end of the year.

      One of the most useful tools to review performance is to prepare monthly management accounts, which makes raw data meaningful and then it forms basis to take appropriate corrective actions.


      Business advice

      We have worked with hundreds of privately held companies with a variety of issues, most of which relate to finance. These businesses vary greatly in size and had a range of problems, from how to scale effectively to how to stay solvent.

      We advice our clients on a range of issues like employee incentive schemes, director’s remuneration strategies, tax efficient extraction of company profits and ad-hoc advice on major strategic business decisions.


      To find out, how we can support your business or support in achieving your financial objectives, why not contact us on 0208 914 8887 for a Free, No Obligation Consultation. Your financial strength is our success.

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