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      How to Setup a New Business?

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      How to Setup a New Business?

      How to start a new business, Properly!

      We know that this is one of the most difficult question you will ever face in your life but we are here to answer all your questions and make your life as easy as possible.

      1. Prepare a robust business plan

      2. A sound business plan is like a constitution of the business which sets clearly what the business has to do & which direction it has to go. We take decisions like what are you going to sell, where, to whom & how. It acts as a guide in tough economic situations. It takes into account all the contingencies, a business can face and the way to effectively face those contingencies.

      3. Prepare cash flow forecasts & raising finance

      4. The next stage is to put the plan into hard numbers so that we know exactly how much is going in & how much is coming out of the business. Preparing projections from an impartial third party helps in identifying all possible expenses of the business and how can they be minimised. On this basis we can assess if there is any need to apply for finances from bank or institutional investors. We know how the application to raise finance will get through and on this basis, we prepare the supporting documentation.

      5. Best structure for your business : sole trader, partnership or limited company

      6. The biggest factor to consider is, the amount of tax one will pay in all the situations, degree of control, degree of liability you are prepared to accept. Generally starting with a limited company has the advantage; however, there are still situations where it is more appropriate to remain unincorporated. It requires a careful analysis of everyone’s situation to come up with the best possible solution. Even with a company,shareholding pattern has to be very carefully planned keeping into account overall tax savings strategy.

      7. Company formation, company secretarial services

      8. If forming a limited company is the best solution for your business structure, we can get the company formed in one day with the name chosen by you. We can also act as your registered office so that any correspondence from Companies House or HMRC come straight to us & not you and we take the appropriate action without bothering you unnecessarily.

      9. Overall tax savings planning

      10. As a business owner, you have to deal with different taxes like self assessment tax, corporation tax, PAYE/NI, VAT, Capital gains tax. All of these taxes are linked to each other and you need an effective planning for each of them. An overall strategy has to be planned so that you can take advantage of various exemptions available and end up paying as minimum tax as possible. We need to settle all important questions like Salary/Dividend ratio, Number of directors, shareholders/partners, % holding between shareholders/partners. This is a highly skilled area and you need a qualified tax advisor like us to give you a solid advice.

      11. Payroll matters

      12. If required, we can get your business registered as an employer with HMRC. We process your monthly/weekly payroll, employer’s annual return (P35) and deal with HMRC for regular payroll matters.

      13. VAT services

      14. We have to see carefully, the product/service you are selling is VATable or not. Sometimes, there are different rules associated with different products/services which have to be adhered. Other VAT planning measures like registering for flat rate scheme, partial exemption are equally important. There is a VAT threshold which mandates business to get VAT registered if they cross this limit. We can plan, how to mitigate this limit so that you can still keep your products/services competitive in the market.

      15. On going business advice

        • We help by answering common questions like
        • Which expenses are allowed and which are not by HMRC.
        • How much expense can you claim as “Use of home as office”?
        • What is the best way you can claim car allowance while still using the car for personal use.
        • Take on a new employee on payroll or as a subcontractor.
        • How much can you extract from the business as salary/dividend/profit
      16. Bookkeeping

      17. We can set up a bookkeeping system specifically tailored for your business.We can do monthly bookkeeping in our office and send you any specific requirement you may have.

      18. Management accounts

      19. It is extremely important that you have an annual budget of revenues & expenses. It is even more important that you compare budgeted figures with actual and draw conclusions. We can interpret the figures in a way you can understand and take appropriate actions in good time. We do this by preparing monthly management accounts suitable to your sector of business.

      20. Year end Accounts

      21. We prepare the end of year accounts, tax computation, tax returns for the business and submit them with HMRC and Companies House.

      To find out, how we can support your business, why not contact us on 0208 914 8887 for a Free, No Obligation Consultation. Success of your business is our business.

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