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      How to Raise Finance?

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      How to Raise Finance?

      How we can help grow your business without investing your own money!

      You never had so many lending options as today, ever before. With the coming up of Alternative finance options, you are not dependent only on High street banks for your funding requirement.

      Weather you need finance to start a new business, expand and grow, for a new office building or temporary working capital requirement, we can get you what you need. With so many different sources in the market and our knowledge, we can find better finance arrangement for you than you could find yourself.

      How we arrange finance for your business:-

      • We get a detailed understanding of your business and prepare an assessment of its financial requirement.
      • Prepare a detailed business plan including profit & loss and cash flow projection for the next 1-3 years.
      • Conduct an appraisal of the new business, if you are looking to buy one.
      • Make sure that the documents prepared for your business are in compliance with the lending criterias of main lenders.
      • Make your business compliant with special tax reliefs under the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) or Venture Capital Trust (VCT) rules to make it attractive for investors.
      • Look for the best sources of finance for your kind of requirement.
      • Negotiate best terms including interest rates with lenders.

      Sources of funding that we approach:-


      Government grants and loans

      • Assistance through Regional growth fund (RGF) programmes.
      • Loans for startup businesses up to £25,000.00 from government supported online platform.
      • Small businesses grants and loans available from the UK government through organisations such as The Prince's Trust.
      • Under Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme, you can borrow up to£1.2 million from banks without giving any security. The Government guarantees 75% of your loan to the bank.

      Bank loans and overdrafts

      Banks normally give business loans for a period up to 10 years. It could be to buy a new machinery or refurbishing your business property. To meet temporary cash shortfall, banks normally give an overdraft facility.

      Equity based Crowdfunding

      Instead of one big cash injection, your business may attract a crowd of small investors who may also become your customers. Individual investments can start from as little as £10, but some businesses have been successful to attract as much as £5 million through crowdfunding. The most popular business sectors funded on equity-based crowdfunding platforms are technology, food & drink, Internet & e-commerce, real estate & housing as well as media & publishing.

      Invoice trading

      If you are waiting for payment from your clients but have some immediate payments to make, then by this way you can realise cash at a short notice. Basically, a pool of individuals or investors buy your invoices for a small fee. The acceptance rate of this model is comparatively high. Businesses that have used invoice trading mainly came from the construction, technology and manufacturing & engineering sectors.

      Peer-to-Peer Business Lending

      Under this model, businesses like yours borrow from individuals or organisations. The most popular segment of the peer-to-peer business lending market is for real estate mortgages and property development. The other popular sectors are manufacturing & engineering, transport & utilities and finance and retail.

      Angel investors

      If you have a great business idea, then there are several groups of investors who can invest in your business in return for a share. These investors normally need to be convinced about the viability of your idea. Successful lending normally depends upon the in depth research done before approaching an investor.

      Asset finance

      You may need to make significant investment in new assets to grow your business. This could include purchasing new IT equipment, plant & machinery, heavy vehicles, furniture & fixtures, office and security equipment, medical and marine equipment. This is where asset finance helps. Financing an asset releases your short cash to be used for other important aspects of your business. Asset finance could be in the form of commercial loans, hire purchase and lease.

      Asset re-finance

      Instead of looking for new finance options, why not release the cash locked in your existing assets. This is a specialised industry and few players take part in these kind of arrangements.

      Commercial mortgage

      You can buy a commercial property by taking a commercial mortgage. There are multiple products out there in the market for this. We can help, pick and choose the right one for you.

      To find out, how we can support your business, why not contact us on 0208 914 8887 for a Free, No Obligation Consultation. Success of your business is our business.





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