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What are our Charges?

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What are our Charges?

Would you rather prefer a simple, transparent and fair fee structure

We believe, we cannot form any long term relationship with clients if the fee we charge is complicated, excessive. In every case, we quote a fixed fees in advance for a certain set of work to be done. In no case, would we do anything without your approval for which we may have to produce an invoice in future. Our fees guarantee:-

  • Fixed fees agreed in advance.
  • Your prior approval for any extra work.
  • Fixed price you are quoted is the price you pay. No surprise charges.
  • No charges for e mail or phone calls.
  • To help your budgeting, you can split our fixed annual fee into monthly payments.

More specifically our charges are:-

  1. Limited Company (non VAT registered) : fixed fee starts from £100+VAT/month
    Services include:-

    • Preparation of year- end accounts and corporation tax returns.
    • Filing statutory accounts and tax returns with HMRC, Annual returns with HMRC and Companies House etc.
    • Dealing with queries raised by HMRC and Companies House on behalf of the company.
    • Advice regarding invoices, bank statements, tax planning of salaries and dividends etc.
    • Running payroll for the director.
    • Director's self-assessment return.
    • Telephone and email support.
  2. Limited Company (VAT registered) : Along with the aforementioned fees, VAT compliance fee requirements start from an additional £150+VAT per VAT quarter.

    • Answering for and regarding all queries raised by HMRC for VAT registration.
    • Filing VAT returns with HMRC.
    • Complete accounts services in the office.
  3. Sole trader : Services include

    • Preparation of end of the year sole trader accounts and self- assessment tax returns.
    • Scanning of bank entries to extract business related entries.
    • File tax return with HMRC.
    • Property rental accounts for landlords.

Advice regarding claimable expenses, transferring of business to a Limited Company, National Insurance Payments, Vat registration etc.


The fees for this depend upon the person's income. For a basic tax return with salary, dividend and interest, our fees begin at £125+VAT.

Services include:-

  • Enquiry about all possible sources of income and advice regarding tax returns along with deadline reminders.
  • Application for correct tax code from HMRC, in case of error.
  • Calculation and application of tax credit.
  • Preparation and electronic filing of tax return.
  • Sending tax and income calculation through mail.


We offer competitive bookkeeping prices based upon the number of transactions to be handled and the time required. Other aspects can be fixed through meetings. Our two basic bookkeeping quotes are:

  1. Fixed Monthly Fee: This is apt for those businesses, which have a large number of stable transactions. The benefit here is that of stability which leaves no room for surprises. A fixed fee for a small business usually starts from £50+VAT per month.
  2. Rate Per Hour: Our rate per hour is £20 per hour. This is preferable in the case of fewer and more dynamic transactions. The benefit of this is that the client is not tied to a fixed fee each month.

To find out, how we can support your business or support in achieving your financial objectives, why not contact us on 0208 914 8887 for a Free, No Obligation Quotation. Your financial strength is our success.

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